Real Estate Assessment Appeals

In 2013, Allegheny County conducted a County wide reassessment of property values.  On the whole, the reassessment was not very accurate. While many people have already filed assessment appeals and had their assessed values reduced, most property owners did not file appeals.  The assessed value on a property is the basis to determine how much in property taxes a person will have to pay on his or her property.
Property owners have the right to file property assessment appeals every year so if you have not filed an appeal previously, or even it you have, you can still file an assessment appeal for tax year 2017.
There are many reasons to file an assessment appeal such as the assessed value is incorrect, your property is in an area where the property values are declining or you recently purchased a property for less than the assessed value.  Whatever the reason may be, it is worthwhile to contact Gross & Patterson, LLC to see if you may be entitled to a reduction in the assessed value of your property.
The attorneys at Gross & Patterson will use their many years of experience to evaluate your property to see if you are a good candidate to file an appeal.  If you do file an appeal with Gross & Patterson, LLC, we do not charge attorneys fees unless we get a reduction in your property taxes.
The deadline to file an appeal is usually March 31st of the tax year that you want to appeal so you should act now as March 31, 2017 is right around the corner. Contact us today for a free consultation!